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Over the past year we have been busy outside the Field Margin Project which built upon the previous project of the AONB funded scheme called Clun Space.

The overarching aim of this project was to enhance the field margin of our Memorial Hall playing field, for wildlife, for the local community and for visitors.

We hoped to improve the biodiversity, building on previous work by the Clun Space AONB project of 2018-19, and to involve the community as much as possible in creating this new environment.

Within this overall vision, the project involved several different aspects:

• The creation of a wildflower area replacing the monoculture of nettles at one corner of the site

• Design and installation of an irrigation system using an existing borehole

• Clearing of further areas around the field margin and planting of a wider variety of native trees and shrubs, specifically with wildlife benefits in mind

• The establishment of a woodland footpath for local residents and visitors, through the new margin area

• The installation of birdboxes and batboxes

• A new noticeboard explaining the project

• The planting of a community orchard

All of the above aspects were achieved and are described in the linked report.


2019 project report


For more please feel free to download these documents 

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